What Kind of Floral Trends Can We Expect to See in 2023?

What Kind of Floral Trends Can We Expect to See in 2023?

As a floral enthusiast, I'm excited to share some of the captivating floral trends that we can expect to see in 2023. The world of floral artistry is ever-evolving, and this year promises an array of enchanting and innovative trends. Let's dive into the captivating world of blooms:

Sustainability Takes Center Stage:

In 2023, eco-consciousness will continue to shape floral choices. Sustainable floral practices, such as locally sourced blooms, reusable materials for arrangements, and eco-friendly packaging, will gain prominence. Florists and consumers alike will prioritize environmentally responsible choices, reflecting a deep appreciation for nature's gifts.

Dried Florals and Pampas Grass:

The timeless allure of dried florals and pampas grass will continue to captivate in 2023. Their rustic charm and ability to add texture and depth to arrangements make them a favored choice. From dreamy dried bouquets to ethereal pampas grass installations, these everlasting beauties will grace weddings, events, and home decor alike.

Whimsical Garden-Style Arrangements:

In 2023, garden-style arrangements will reign supreme. Emulating the carefree charm of freshly picked blooms from a wild meadow, these arrangements boast a delightful mix of flowers, foliage, and even tendrils of delicate vines. This trend is all about embracing nature's spontaneous beauty and creating arrangements that feel effortlessly elegant.

Floral Art Installations:

Floral art installations will continue to be a show-stopping trend in 2023. These larger-than-life creations will adorn weddings, events, and even public spaces. Think suspended floral chandeliers, whimsical flower arches, and cascading floral backdrops that transport guests into a fairytale realm.

Bold and Vibrant Colors:

Prepare to be dazzled by the striking allure of bold and vibrant color palettes. In 2023, florists will experiment with daring hues, including bright oranges, passionate pinks, and regal purples. These captivating colors will add a sense of vibrancy and energy to arrangements, making a statement that is impossible to ignore.

Preserved Flowers:

Preserved flowers will continue to be a popular choice for long-lasting beauty in 2023. These blooms, treated to maintain their freshness indefinitely, offer a unique and sustainable option for floral arrangements. From preserved roses to exotic blooms, they will grace homes and events as a cherished keepsake.

Flower Combos and Unexpected Pairings:

In 2023, floral enthusiast will push creative boundaries by blending unexpected flower combinations. Think exotic tropicals paired with delicate garden blooms or bold statement flowers juxtaposed with dainty fillers. These innovative combinations will bring an element of surprise and artistry to floral arrangements.

With love,
Ana Valencia